Psychopathy And Religion

Research has finally revealed not simply connections between religion and psychopathy, but shows religion as a "Psychopath Machine".

Psychopaths And Politics

Arrius Piso, Psychopaths and Politics
(Roman Piso, 09-25-10)

When I think and examine the things involved in what the Piso family did and what Arrius Piso did specifically, there are often items of note which aren't always addressed right away because of the volume of material and the focus of detail which is so often required of us to explain and understand central themes, primary motives, etc. And so, what may get lost in all of this if not brought up and mentioned is the fact that it is not only religion which Arrius Piso was involved in and influencing, but many other aspects of society itself. The social structure itself was changed by the dynamic influence of Christianity in several ways. Various components of it became a part of their language, expressions and tradition.

While Arrius Piso was having Pliny The Younger revamp the old altars of the prior Roman gods and goddesses, changing them over to Christian churches, he also created the confessional which operated in such a way as to make it possible to gain information from believers regarding members of the believer's own family members. In this way, the informers under the Pisos could keep them updated on who was helping their enemies and in what ways; and then do something about it. The believers were faithful and trusting, and often believing that by being honest and confiding in "God" with their confessions that they were doing good and helping those who were straying from God and country. They, the believers, thought that they were doing something good and earning what today we may think of as "brownie points" with God; while in reality, they were making psychopaths and murderers aware of what the good guys were trying to do to stop them.

The psychopath Arrius Piso and his family and followers were tampering with the human thought and ideology (philosophy) of the masses. All of what they were doing was marketed so as to appear to be something "good" while in reality, it was only good for those who were busy changing the world to the advantage of psychopaths. Arrius Piso knew that the Pharisees had schools where they were teaching their followers how to read and write, to learn about ethics and ethical/rational thought, and so, in order to counter that, Arrius Piso began to institute the first "Christian" schools, which did not teach, but instead, indoctrinated the masses on a grand scale. This, in essence, was what today we may well term a political move. There are many elements which were incorporated into the Christian religion and which made use of the Christian religion to cause and make such changes.

Now, the reason why these things began to take on more meaning to me recently is because the psychopaths of today still make use of Christianity and they still do so in ways that affect the rest of us. That is, society as a whole. And this influence extends into politics today. With the Internet and other means of mass communication, it seems to me that the next step for psychopaths is to unite and what better means than to do so through items of common cause, such as politics? One clue that someone is not thinking right is if they put money before the common good of humanity. Big money and business means power and psychopaths seek power.

Remember what was going on in the first place when this all was being fought over by these certain Romans and the Pharisees. It is important to remember what it was all about. We cannot allow people to continue to be manipulated, to be dumbed-down, or made victims by religion, superstition and irrational thought. People must be educated and made to understand what has been done and why and by whom it was done. This is the only way that we will ever get ourselves beyond the influence of these psychopaths - and we need to do that if we are to survive as a species. If psychopaths get complete control over us, they will fight each other to the death, taking the rest of us with them. And they may do this all at once, a little at a time, or in a way that is a bit of both. In any case, the nature of the psychopath makes this outcome an eventual certainty.*

I fear that today without any way of knowing for certain just who is a psychopath, or what kind they are or to what degree, these people will be voting, getting elected, passing laws and so forth, gaining powerful positions over us and inflicting upon us their insane will while making it seem to us as if they are normal, good and/or logical. They will do what they do as psychopaths, which means that they may create conditions so that their ends will be met out of a need for them which did not exist until they brought them into existence and/or which they allowed to happen when those things may have been prevented by normal rational thought. Remember, the psychopath is a destroyer and killer of normal, non-psychopathic human beings; that is the nature of the psychopath. We must, as a rational society, get a handle on people such as these so that they will not have a chance to destroy us. And since indications point towards a genetic link or cause for primary psychopathy, we need to locate the gene/s responsible for it and identify people with those genes. Also remember that the psychopath could very well be termed an anti-human being; a thing which is not as the rest of us, but here only to devastate and destroy.

Just remember that there are places where psychopaths can and do "network" and work together towards their own psychopathic goals which run counter to our own. They can and do use the Internet, they can and do vote. They can and are elected. And until we have some way of detecting them for what they are, this will remain the case. They will use politics, business, the law and all other means to further their goals against us and a totally non-psychopathic society. We must stop them. We must do this even if we are to have a chance at the beginnings of healing society from the wounds and devastation which has been inflicted upon us by these psychopaths for these thousands of years. We, the human race, need a chance at a sane, non-psychopathic society. We deserve it and it is what would have, should have been. It is what so many for so long, had fought and given their lives for - just so that we could have that chance at a true, fully non-psychopathic life and society.

* Psycho -vs- psycho. Example: WWII. Scholars & individual researchers agree about what would have happened had the Axis won the war. Their research into the matter suggests that the winners would have acted in the same manner as psychopaths are known to act. The most probable scenario is that Germany would have "absorbed" or conquered its Italian allies and then would have eventually fought Japan to gain control of the rest of the world so as to acquire full world domination. This is how psychopaths work, what they do. They will use &/or destroy their own followers, supporters, and even their own kind to get what they want. Arrius Piso "sacrificed" many others in order to get what he wanted, including his own uncle Lucius Piso, who he once saved from Nero by sacrificing his own father, Gaius Piso. Arrius Piso killed his uncle Lucius Piso in 73 CE and made it look like an accident in order to inherit his property and wealth. This is classic psychopath. Also, we see this same pattern of psychopaths destroying their followers/helpers and other psychopaths. Other examples are found everywhere including Jim Jones (who sacrificed his entire flock of believers & fellow psychopathic helpers), the Waco, Texas crazy, and the Heaven's Gate leader. The end of all psychopaths is a swath of devastation, death and destruction. And people wonder just how it is that the world is as it is. This, right here, is the answer. Psychopaths have a free hand in the world and run around at will, never being identified as such until its too late.