Psychopathy And Religion

Research has finally revealed not simply connections between religion and psychopathy, but shows religion as a "Psychopath Machine".

Religion And Terrorism

Religion And Terrorism
(by Roman Piso, 09-19-10)

Many people today are still blind to, ignore or refuse to recognize the fact that religion is behind or is the base cause of terrorism and many other troubles of the world. We have long been told to be "respectful" of religion and in the U.S. we are told to be tolerant and accepting of other people's religion. We are told so many things, and it appears that in most instances, because of the other things on our mind, we aren't aware that when we are told these things, we are generally distracted with other things on our mind; thus, we are not consciously aware that when we are told such things, we are simply told them, and accepted them, even without those things having been explained in any reasonable way - sometimes we are told these things without any explanation at all. We are told, and expected to simply accept what we are told - without question.

Being "respectful" of religion, any religion, to many people means do not question it; must accept it. But why? This is what we are never told. Why are we not supposed to question it? People yearn to know, to understand. So, many of them try to get around this by studying religion, whether it is their own, others or all religion. Some have had so much pounded into their head which tells them that they are doing something bad simply by questioning; and so, even their own subconscious keeps them "in line" and from going beyond a certain point. It is almost like a kind of pause button of their mind.

In the U.S. today, from the president on down, we are told that Islam or religion is not the enemy. Even when any reasonable person can easily see the connection. Without religion, there would be no source for these particular terrorist groups to cite or twist into their tenets or agenda. People then say that these people are USING religion, that they are not mainstream believers, etc. Well, the terrorism is only ONE expression of how religion is used to create this turmoil, confusion and terrorism. All religion is terrorism; because of what it does to us all. Yes, that is right. Religion itself IS terrorism.

Our current President of the United States has, for political reasons to be sure, has made public announcements regarding his own personal Christian belief. He has proclaimed a belief in God and so forth. There was a recent poll too, for which the results of this poll had been broadcast on PBS and in other media regarding who knows more about religion in terms of various groups and it turns out in this poll that atheists and agnostics, along with Mormons, scored the highest. Interesting. People may speculate as to why the results came out this way, but I think that a part of the reason for the Mormons knowing what they do is simply because as a part of their faith, they study genealogy.

Along with that, atheists, agnostics and even secular humanists also study the history of people and history associated with those genealogies, many of which involved religion. So, for them, it is almost an incidental knowledge. Whereas, the atheist and agnostic realize that the answer to any question lies in the cause. And with religion, it comes down to knowing just what happened in the first place. They want and seek answers. They actively educate themselves, read, study and discuss the subject. And they do this in the spirit of being truth seekers, investigators and even detectives, making use of logic and reason. For the most part, they too, are not going into this with a religious bias. And so, have a must better, clearer and more detailed understanding of religion and the history associated with it.

Of all the people who are keenly aware of the terror and torture associated with religion, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists regularly mention their findings and readings into those atrocities, such as the Crusades,* Inquisition,** and many other wrong doings and horrors brought about in and by religion. They too, when others do not do so, mention Hitler's catholic background and dealings with the Catholic Church,*** as well as the many suicide cults associated with Christianity. And, they often point out things which others apparently never think about such as the fact that without the belief in a God their would be no belief in his opposition, the devil. That is, there would be no devil worship or cults of that nature. All these things are facilitated by religion and religion will continue to be a source for these horrors as long as we remain in ignorance about it. This is why it is so important to inform people of what we now know about the connection or associating between psychopaths and religion. We CAN stop all of this, we can prevent it and make it a thing of the past. We have the power to do this if we so choose. And we had better do so or it will indeed spell the doom of the human race.

* The Crusades. Research and new studies into the crusades now show that these were actually orchestrated attacks on Jewish communities made by the Catholic Church disguised as attempts to recapture Jerusalem (or restore Christian control of the Holy Land to the Catholic Church). The routes that were laid out and followed by the directives of the Church went directly through several Jewish communities which were laid to waste and plundered by those "crusaders" who went through them. Many of the monies and other plundered items made their way back to the Vatican and the Catholic Church. The Crusades were actually a planned looting and destruction of various Jewish communities of the time and a redistribution of the wealth which was stolen from those Jews; much of which went directly back to the Church. Officially, there were nine Crusades between 1095 CE and 1291 CE.

** The Inquisitions. This too, was another attempt by the Catholic Church to wreak havoc upon the Jews and others who did not conform to the desires of the Catholic Church. There were several Inquisitions, the first of these to be termed or known of as an actual Inquisition was in 1184 CE. (against 12th century Cathars). A series of Grand Inquisitions persisted until the 19th century. One of the most well known is the one which is known as the Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834 CE). The Spanish Inquisition saw the torture, deaths, and expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

*** Hitler and The Third Reich. It was, as in the past, in the vested interest of the Catholic Church to put a good face on while doing whatever possible to rob and destroy the Jews. We may never know the full truth regarding the involvement of the Catholic Church and Hitler's Third Reich as concerns the atrocities done to the Jews. It is known that there was some association between Hitler and the Pope at the time, and the Catholic Church may too, have had some hidden hand in Hitler's rise to power. Also, what most people never realize is that Hitler's "Reich" was the "Third Reich." Knowing just what that means will tell a person that Hitler's Reich was supposed to be a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, of which the Catholic Church was at the heart or major part of. The 1st Reich officially began in 962 CE. But several scholars think it to have been the brain child of Charlemagne circa 800 CE That Reich lasted until 1806, when it was brought down by Napoleon. It rose again briefly, in 1871 and is what actually started WWI. It was only the fact that the allies in WWI won that war that put an end to that 2nd Reich (1918). Again, these "Reich" were holy Reich and associated directly, indirectly, secretly or not, with the Catholic Church. One must face the fact that the Catholic Church has a very long history of doing horrible things while either hiding that fact or making what they were doing appear to be either good or necessary. The "final solution" (the genocide of the Jews) was not simply a personal desire of Hitler's, it was one that was shared by the Catholic Church.