Psychopathy And Religion

Research has finally revealed not simply connections between religion and psychopathy, but shows religion as a "Psychopath Machine".

Psychopathy And Religion

Psychopathy and Religion
(by Roman Piso, 10-10-10)

Like any other subject being studied, there is still much more to learn about the subject of psychopathy. But one thing that we now know is that there is a definite connection between psychopathy and religion. There are indeed other factors involved, such as genetics and so, much of this must be sorted out and defined. From our studies it appears that there are different kinds and types of psychopaths. We have managed to sort these out into a few categories. Mainly, we term these as a) primary psychopaths, and b) as secondary psychopaths (or psychopaths by proxy).* Primary psychopaths are those who are born as psychopaths because they have genes that they have inherited which make them psychopaths. There is no cure for these psychopaths.

What psychopaths apparently discovered in the past is that they can make much of the world "psychopath friendly" and one way in which they did this was by inventing and promoting various religions. Now first let me say that they did not just do this with religion, but they have had a free hand in all facets of society for thousands of years because non-psychopaths had no way to tell who was a psychopath or who was not - they did not even know for most of that time that there was a such thing as a psychopath. But now we do and we can now tell psychopaths from non-psychopaths. However, the one thing that psychopaths are good at is making people think that they are normal. The one thing that they will not be able to escape is genetic testing. Once the psychopathic gene/s are found, and more is known about that, we have the potential to weed them out and rid the world of their influence. Until then, we must do what we can to work towards that more sane and reasonable society.

Knowing what we now do about psychopathy and religion, we can say in all confidence that in essence what religion actually is, is a "psychopath machine."** This being the case, it should be immediately outlawed. In reality, there is absolutely no good that comes from religion; it destroys the human mind and was indeed designed to do just that. Religion contains elements of psychopathic thought in it which cause normal people to become psychopaths if they are not already so. Or, as stated above, psychopaths by proxy. These otherwise normal, non-psychopaths, will begin to think and do things in the same or similar ways to primary psychopaths. The mind of secondary psychopaths are not as clever as primary psychopaths though.

This is because they only mimic, think and do what primary psychopaths want them to - they are like puppets or zombies, and most of this is done through "suggestion" and/or subliminal messages received by these people through their religion. And this is not a phenomenon of one religion, but of all religion. It can be more readily illustrated in some religions than in others, but the overall effect is the same with them all. And that is because religion is not representative of the true natural human thought process - it is a distortion of that.

Understanding what has been done by psychopaths can only happen by knowing just what they actually are. It is not easy to define a psychopath as they are extremely complex individuals. But if I were to put what they are into few words I would have to define them as "anti-human" beings. They do whatever they can to thwart the progress of humanity and that is a large part of their motivation for creating religion. One thing that we all should be aware of is the fact that there are many more psychopaths than anyone had thought there were. And that is because the numbers that have been used to reflect how many psychopaths are out there come from those psychopaths who have been caught after having done something. There are many, many more who are so good at being psychopaths that they never get caught and/or they do things which skirt the law, etc. One thing that I've seen psychopaths do is to fake some other illness (such as depression) in order to mislead doctors and psychiatrists.

Secondary psychopaths are like extensions of primary psychopaths in that they do what the primary psychopath wants or might do themselves, but the primary psychopath does it through another person and thus, it is the secondary psychopath that gets caught and who may not have genuine or complete psychopathic tendencies. And so, when being examined by a psychiatrist or psychologist, they may not meet all of the criteria for being a psychopath and may be diagnosed as something different or as a so-called lesser form or type of psychopath. Believers too, are dumbed-down and kept ignorant.*** Ignorance and superstition go hand in hand, that is something that a few people have known for some time now. But in order to preserve, protect or keep that belief in things which really do not make any real sense, the human mind must be kept down to a certain degree of ignorance; and so, yes, this too, is another component involved in all of this. Pure ignorance. Many believers simply choose to ignore anything which contradicts what they believe - they just do not let that information enter their mind; it is like they have built a shell or wall around it. And again, this is a) not natural, and it is b) very dangerous.

* At this time we can only speculate as to just how some people become secondary psychopaths. There may be a gene or genes which still exists in otherwise normal people which is/are inactive or turned off, but which may be activated or turned on through some chemical reaction, perhaps brought on by a change in the thought process of the individual. Or secondary psychopaths may simply be reacting to "orders" given them by psychopaths through suggestion (hypnotism) and/or subliminal messages with religious texts. The secondary psychopath does appear to be a victim of the primary psychopath and if there is no genetic reason for the secondary psychopath being what they are, there may be some hope for recovery for that type of psychopath. There is also a third type of victim of the primary psychopath and that is the person who resists going along with the primary psychopath, but is still forced in order to survive to be like and/or do what the primary psychopath desires - that is a condition which is like that which is known as Stockholm Syndrome. And there is yet a fourth level, if you will, for those who may not yet be any of the above. That fourth level of victimization may be called the "fear factor" and is made possible by the (invented) ideological concept of a painful death in hell by fire, torture and other forms of torment everlasting. Feeding into this fear is another part of this "formula" and that is desperation. If you are not a part of the larger "believing" community life may be made difficult for you; thus causing people to convert simply in order to survive or avoid ridicule or other troubles caused by believers.

** Religion is in reality a "psychopath machine" in that a) religion was created and promoted by psychopaths for the benefit of psychopaths and b) it does create secondary psychopaths (or zombie-like people) by destroying otherwise normal human minds. There is a process involved and the longer or more intense the exposure to religion, the more or faster it effects some people. So, even though you may hear one person or another say, "well, I would never do what that guy did..." the person saying that may genuinely think that and that may be the case at that point in time, but that same fanatic that killed someone, blew himself up, blew up an abortion clinic, or drown her children to save them from hell, was once that same person who said that very same thing. Religion infects and distorts normal human minds causing them to think in irrational terms which is not the natural human thought process; but is what psychopaths would want so that they may thrive. Primary psychopaths are very much like vampires in that they suck the life out of normal human beings and are predators of them. The normal human being is their natural victim as they may well be called "anti-human", thus, destroying and devastating humanity, blocking human progress, is what they want in order to continue to thrive. They have found religion to be one of the greatest means in which to do this. We must pull the plug on them and find them so that we can get them away from the rest of us. Primary psychopaths are what they are and will always be that; there is no cure; even if their genes are altered, they have already developed physically after being born and still would contain psychopathic physiology in their brain, brain stem and so forth. Even their very mental make up (thought process) would have been set. It would be like trying to make a shark into a human being.

*** A recent PEW survey (Completed and released Sept/Oct. 2010) showed that non-believers are more intelligent and know more about religion as compared to believers. The only exception to this was Mormons, whose religion centers around genealogy (and therefore history and other related research). However, Mormonism is a religion which is based on Christianity and a belief in Jesus of the New Testament. Which is to say that the same mental degeneration required for belief in irrational, illogical things does happen to Mormons as well.

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The book Piso Christ. In Piso Christ, a profile of the psychopath Arrius Piso is illustrated in his deeds, etc. The connection is made between Arrius Piso writing as Flavius Josephus and the Jesus of the New Testament. Both Josephus and Jesus exhibit markers, traits and identifiers showing them both to be a) one and the same person, and b) both as psychopaths.

Also see 'About Piso Christ':

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